Klopp hinted at losing midfielder James Milner

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Liverpool team manager Jurgen Klopp hinted at losing midfielder James Milner, who is about to expire at the end of the season, to move for free to join Brighton, while the trend will get Alexis Mack. Allister, on the way, refrained from commenting.

The beginning was due to the revelation from Fabrizio Romano, the market guru of the 37-year-old midfielder, who will expire at Anfield at the end of June 2023 and has not yet agreed to sign more. Neither was there a promotional photo of the new home shirt, which was release on Friday morning (local).

Until recently, a highly reliable news hawk stated that all agreements between Milner and ‘Gull’ had been completed, knocking on the conclusion that he would play at the Amex for 12 months, with former Liverpool footballer Adam Lallana. The contract has expired and is already waiting. 

Talking about the vice-captain

Talking about the vice-captain, the 55-karat coach has only praise for his professionalism. which the path of the player when entering the final curve, everything has been carefully filtered ufabet

“Over the years, up to the last few months, I still had a very comfortable conversation with James Milner. He knows how highly I value him,” opening his mouth at Brentford’s pre-match press conference (May 6). 

“You are an important part of this team. And can choose and want to work together for a longer time 

“From my mouth I have nothing to say. But things haven’t changed. Over seven and a half years all the positive things would have been difficult without James Milner.

As for the trend that the ‘Reds’ are moving forward to negotiate the purchase of Brighton’s world-champion midfielder Alexis MacAllister in the summer of 2023, the Deutsche manager refrains from commenting. 

“In terms of buying and selling Must exhibit intelligent behavior keep it if anything happens You media will be the first to be notified.”

“But before that time I have nothing to say.” 

Liverpool’s vice-captain has played a small role this season

Liverpool’s vice-captain has played a small role this season, playing 39 games in all competitions, making 2 assists, despite being ask by Klopp to stay together again next season. But he saw that he could not wait any longer. 

Millie was one of the Reds’ most successful players during the JK era, winning nearly every trophy they’ve played except the Europa League. 

The midfielder is among those out of contract this season, along with Roberto Firmino , Naby Keita , Alex Oxlade – Chamberlain , Arthur Melo and A. Drian San Miguel